reno review

  • Determined to have some revenge sex, Adam calls up every woman on his cell phone

    Determined to have some revenge sex, Adam calls up every woman on his cell phone

    As she leaves for work, Emma proposes that they be on call for each other whenever either is in need of sex

    2010 was a pretty rough year for romantic comedies. Seems like we got bombarded again from Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and twice from Katherine Heigl. Well it’s 2011 , maybe the old rom-com can spring back to life with an injection of some fresh blood. Perhaps a vet of classic screen comedies, Ivan Reitman, can give the genre a new spin. And how about a different rom- com leading lady, somebody best known for dramas and big sci-fi actioners? Why it’s current critical darling Natalie Portman. The result of adding these two into the mix with rom-com staple Ashton Kutcher is NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

    No dating, no relationship, just sex

    A cute flashback sequence ( 15 years ago ) opens up the film as twelve year old Adam and Emma meet at summer camp. The characters are set up quickly as brainy Emma rebuffs Adam’s crude advances ( EEyyooouuww! ). Ten years later they meet again at a college frat pajama party thanks to their pals Patrice ( Greta Gerwig ) and Eli ( Jake Johnson ). After some flirting Emma ( Portman ) asks Adam ( Kutcher ) if he’ll accompany her to some “stupid thing” the next day. Turns out it’s her Dad’s funeral ( !! ) and Adam stands out amongst the mourners in his bright yellow Michigan hoodie. Afterwards he asks for another date and is rebuffed again. Cut to a year ago- Eli ( with Adam and his girlfriend Vanessa ) spots Patrice and Emma at an outdoor fair. Emma gives Adam her number while the others chat away.