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  • Ngayon kung di na bumalik, sa kanila na yon

    Ngayon kung di na bumalik, sa kanila na yon

    I tried it with promising results

    I think its (for me anyway) not so much about the money, its that the friend in question does not value my friendship or respect me enough to pay it back, or if she cant at least make contact and try and sort something…… Shes has been avoiding me for a long time, and so yeah thats a bit disappointing when someone you thought was a good mate, decides avoiding fronting up with a few hundred is more important to them than retaining your friendship (and I told her she could take as long as she needed so it is not that she does not have it – she has money to buy other things I cant afford!)

    Im crap with money and bills myself – but do draw the line at friends – because i feel that if I loan from a friend and dont pay them back or at least try to, and then let themknow if there are problems, that its sending my friend a pretty strong message about how much I do NOT value or appreciate their friendship…..

    So for me I havent even bothered trying to get the person to pay me back – having said that it was a few hundred, had it been a few grant I would not be able to just write that off. But the few hundred I am owed, it would be nice to have it back, but it would be nicer to have her respect me enough to pay it back without being asked…and yes she knows it…..

    IS an email from the friend describing the exact amount he owes you and his obligation to pay up proof in court?

    so I wont be taking any action – whats the point, she knows she is in the wrong I don’t need to say or do anything to inform her of that, why waste my time…hope burns a guilty hole in her conscience every time she buys something that she doesn’t need, rather than paying me what she owes.