Muslims satisfied getting American, but say they face big issues in U.S. society

Muslims satisfied getting American, but say they face big issues in U.S. society

Muslims leery of Trump

S. Muslim area has received plenty of media insurance coverage, specifically following Trump’s declaration through the strategy that he would find a a€?total and total shutdown of Muslims entering the joined Statesa€? with his executive purchase stopping trips from six Muslim-majority region. 2

About three-quarters of Muslim People in america (74%) state the nation’s new chief executive is unfriendly toward her team, while two-thirds (65%) state they disapprove regarding the method Trump was managing their work as chairman. U.S. Muslim thoughts regarding the resting chairman keeps transformed considerably since 2011, whenever Muslims conveyed way more good panorama of Barack Obama.

In 2007, near the end of his second term, George W. Bush obtained approval ratings from U.S. Muslims that were pertaining to as little as Trump’s nowadays. Respondents in this review are not questioned whether or not they believe Bush was friendly toward Muslim Us americans.

For the new review, respondents happened to be questioned whether Trump makes them become four feelings a€“ two positive (wish and happiness) and two unfavorable (stress and outrage). Completely two-thirds of Muslim Americans (68percent) state the chairman means they are think nervous, and 45percent state he means they are feel aggravated. Fewer say the president makes them believe upbeat (26percent) or happier (17per cent).

Muslim People in the us is more unlikely compared to public overall to say Trump makes them feel hopeful (26per cent vs. 40per cent) or happier (17percent vs. 30%), but around as expected to state Trump makes them become worried or upset.

U.S. Muslims reveal satisfaction inside their spiritual and national identities identical. Completely 97% concur with the declaration, a€?Im happy to-be Muslim.a€? Nearly as many (92percent) say they concur with the declaration, a€?Im proud are an American.a€? As a whole, 89percent go along with both comments, claiming they truly are pleased to-be Muslim and satisfied becoming United states. Merely 6per cent state they truly are pleased to be Muslim and never satisfied to-be American, and 1% say they’ve been happy to be United states and never satisfied is Muslim.

As well, a lot of Muslims say they deal with multiple big issues to make their means in US society. Completely one half point out that it is more challenging become Muslim during the U.S. in recent times, and an extra 44% state the difficulty or simple being Muslim hasn’t changed quite. Simply 3% volunteer it happens to be simpler to feel Muslim in America.

The relationship between Donald Trump and the U

Muslims just who say it is harder becoming Muslim for the U.S. in recent times were requested to spell it out, in their terminology, an important cause of this. The most common reactions put statements about Muslim extremists far away, misconceptions and stereotyping about Islam one of the U.S. public, and Trump’s thinking and procedures toward Muslims. (For complete information, discover here.)

Most Muslims (60%) additionally see news insurance coverage of Muslims and Islam as unjust, and the same express (62%) envision the American someone overall never discover Islam as an element of traditional United states community. These views is mostly echoed by U.S. people on the whole, many of who concur that media insurance coverage of Muslims are unfair and say they privately do not discover Islam included in popular culture.

But stress isn’t the sole thing that defines the partnership between Muslims while the other countries in the U.S. populace. Six-in-ten U.S. Muslims state they usually have much in accordance with most People in america. And Muslims are a lot almost certainly going to say the US everyone, overall, tend to be friendly toward Muslims in the united states (55percent) than to look at People in america all together as unfriendly (14per cent). (Three-in-ten say Us citizens are usually neutral toward Muslims.) Also, U.S. Muslims have become somewhat more likely to look at the American community as friendly toward them since 2011, whenever 48percent took this situation.

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